Welcome to Slouch

We’re all about simple and beautiful solutions

From work to play to exploring faraway lands, a leather crossbody bag is your most versatile companion.
That’s why we set out to create the ultimate take on this style: the SlouchBag.
Our signature crossbody bags for travel devotees
are as comfortable in international airports
as they are beside beach towels, on school runs or in the office.

Seamlessly blending form and function, and built to last,
the SlouchBag brings laidback luxury, streamlined style
and the beauty of natural leather
to the journey of real life.

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♡ Hi

We’re Anita and Kelly, the creators of SlouchBag.

We love the name Slouch.
It captures a few things that are important to us:
relaxing, letting go of anxieties, and enjoying Australia’s informal lifestyle and belief in authenticity.

We’re travellers, we want fun and inspiration, and we appreciate quality.
In particular, we love high quality leather.
It reminds us of saddles and old school satchels,
it wears beautifully and – just like our lives – it’s real.
That’s what SlouchBag is all about.

We invite you to join us in living life with a Slouch!

Anita and Kelly xx

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