Leather care

woman carrying blue slouchbag at the beach

Leather needs spray protection from the elements – especially water, so please spray your new leather with a protector such as Collonil’s Waterstop.

Condition or moisturise the leather when you feel the leather is getting dry.

You need to clean the leather before you moisturise so you are not trapping dirt in.

Clean with a slightly damp cloth – you can add a mild soap (such as Collonil Soap Classic) if necessary.

A dampened figure will rub out some scratches.

Moisturise and weatherproof using a lanolin based leather moisturiser such as Collonil’s 1909 leather lotion – you only need small amounts.

Allow the leather to air dry – don’t try to speed up the process as this will make the leather stiff.

The more you expose leather to the elements, the more cleaning and moisturising it will need!

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